Sunday, August 21, 2011

My Break is over….

Morning sickness, summer break, and a new house.  We have been busy this summer!  Early in the season I decided to take the kid’s school break as a blogging break, too, and just focus on being with them and having fun all summer.  Well, it ended up being a good thing!  We have been so busy that not much blogging would have happened anyway, and this way I didn’t even feel guilty about it.


So what did we do all summer?  Well, to start the season off right, we found out that we will be having a new little blessing this winter, just in time for Valentines day.  Unfortunately, this wonderful event also came with a lot more sickness and fatigue then my other pregnancies.  I spent a lot of time during those first few weeks just sleeping on the couch while the kids watched movies. 


Then we got another wonderful surprise.  We found a house to move into, which actually had bedrooms with windows that would not let in the snow, central heat and are (what a luxury!) and room for another new baby and a school room!  Because it was the middle of the month and we didn’t really want to pay extra rent, we started packing right away.  This made for a very busy few weeks, with a very tired mamma and a very messy house.  We are finally settled in somewhat, and even though the house still has lots of boxes unpacked and unorganized cupboards, we feel so, so very blessed! 


Now that those two events are (mostly) over, we have started school again.  This is our first week, and even though my brain (i.e. planner) with all of our school plans for the 2011-2012 school year year is still missing, we have forged ahead undeterred.  We are loving the curriculum that we have for this year, but that should be saved for another post.  I just want to say that after this long, I am really glad to be back and really glad to still have you reading this.  Thanks!!

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