Mother Culture (or Books I Want to Read)

Education/ Parenting

Currently Reading: 
Consider This: Charlotte Mason and the Classical Tradition
How to Read a Book
Hints on Child Training

Formation of Character
Age of Opportunity

Tending the Heart of Virtue
A Philosophy of Education
The Living Page
Home Education
School Education

Further learning (nature, history, etc. for mom)

Currently Reading:
Joan of Arc, Mark Twain
Don Quixote

Lord of the Flies
Reading Lolita in Tehran
The Consequences of Ideas
Wild Animals of the Rockies
Brave New World

Partially Read:
The Handbook of Nature Study
Exploring Nature with your Child

Galileo's Daughter
The World of Columbus and Sons
Shadow of the Silk Road
The World of Captain John Smith
Wonder book of Chemistry
Life of the Spider

Pre-reading and school books

Currently reading: 
Churchill's History of the English Speaking Peoples
Oliver Twist
Book of Marvels
Puck of Pook's Hill
Age of Chivalry
Madam How and Lady Why
Age of Fable


The Daughter of Time
Colorado-The Bright Romance of American History
The Brenden Voyage
The Once and Future King
Story of Inventions
The Bronze Bow
Of Courage Undaunted
Abraham Lincoln's World
Wild Animals I have Known
The Children's Homer
Wind in the Willows

Theology/ Spiritual life

Currently Reading: 
Surprised by Joy
The Pursuit of God
The Screwtape Letters
The Four Loves
Abolition of Man

Mere Christianity
The Great Divorce

For Fun (And literature)

Currently Reading:
The Hawk and the Dove
 The Lord of the Rings
To Kill a Mockingbird

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
Pride and Prejudice
The Waverly Novels

Animal Farm
Tale of Two Cities
Scarlet Pimpernel
Once on a Time
The Two Towers
The Fellowship of the Ring
The Book of the Dun Cow
Three Men in a Boat

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