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Discovering Nemo's World 
unit Study

I created this month-long study for my ocean obsessed son, and we have all enjoyed it.  It includes lots of links, lapbook pieces and notebook pages.  The links will be going up one week at a time, as we finish them.  Enjoy!

I made these pages for the The Old Schoolhouse Teacher's Toolbox.  They are very simple pages to be used along with any country study, or added to a different curriculum when you need a quick way to organize the information about that country.

I made these pages for the The Old Schoolhouse Teacher's Toolbox.  These are just simple pages to be used in a quick look at the states, or along with other resources for a more in-depth study.  

Nature Study Notebook Pages

These pages were also made for the Old Schoolhouse Teacher's Toolbox.  These pages are designed to be used along with your nature study times outside.  When your child has discovered something, just grab one of these pages and let them write and draw all about it.  There are a variety of formats, some with more writing lines and some with less, and some bordered pages for sketching only.  I also included a three page introduction to nature study, including lots of links to helpful websites and virtual field guides.   Let me know if you are enjoying these pages!

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