Sunday, June 5, 2011

Discovering Nemo’s World Unit Study and Printables

Welcome to Discovering Nemo’s World!  I have had a ton of fun creating these printables and looking up links.  Now we are having even more fun using them!  The kids are all three loving it, and I am pleased as punch!  Feel free to use any of these pages for yourself and your family, but please don’t copy them for others. Instead, direct them to my site where they can get their own copy! 

The introductory pages contain information to help you, and the actual unit study pages are mainly pages of links.  These are the resources I am using.  If you prefer to use your library instead of your internet, go right ahead!  I have been starting with the links for video clips, and just clicking through them.  The kids watch a few of the videos to get their interest really going, and then I start using the informational links, such as National Geographic.  I simply read these to the kids, but if you have readers they could do this themselves.  Then we visit the printable links to see if there is anything we want to do, and we head to the table.  We do all of the lapbook and notebook pages, along with any website printables, to finish up. 

Note: I never finished this. This is everything I have done. The second and third weeks don't have any links or study guides. However, information about these topics should be easy to find online. 

Planning and introduction

Week One

Week One

Study and Links

Printables- Learning about Fiction

Printables- Ecosystems and Coral Reefs

Printables- Australia, Ocean zones, and the five oceans

Printables- Animal Study: Clownfish and Anemones

Week Two

Study and Links

Printables- Social Studies: Scientists

Printables- Animal Study: Sharks

Week Three

Week Four

Study and Links

 All files on this page are copyrighted and may not be used or copied for use outside of your immediate family. Please refer anyone interested to this site. 

Thank you for your understanding! 


  1. Hey Michelle, I linked your post here to my blog post. I wanted to make sure I mentioned that I got some of our ideas from your unit. Thanks

  2. I would love to print the Ocean unit printables, the link is dead. Please help, I love the graphics!!!


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