Friday, June 24, 2011

Amazing Deals for Download N Go studies!

I got this great sale notice in my e-mail today, and even though I am on 'summer blogging break', I thought that I still needed to share it with you.  

First of all, TODAY ONLY, you can buy Birthday Bonanza as a single study!  Some of you may not know, but Birthday Bonanza is normally only offered as part of a package deal, never individually.  This is the only time I have ever seen it available alone, it may never happen again!  

Birthday Bonanza

Next, Amanda and Team are offering some really neat Fun Packs, at really awesome prices, for two days.  There are ten of these sets altogether, with fun themes like Expedition, Animals, Historical, Seasons, Food, and more.  You will want to definitely take advantage of this!  If you aren't sure, just do it for me since I won't be able to get them and this is probably the best sale I have ever seen.  :)



Beach Fun

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Discovering Nemo’s World Unit Study and Printables

Welcome to Discovering Nemo’s World!  I have had a ton of fun creating these printables and looking up links.  Now we are having even more fun using them!  The kids are all three loving it, and I am pleased as punch!  Feel free to use any of these pages for yourself and your family, but please don’t copy them for others. Instead, direct them to my site where they can get their own copy! 

The introductory pages contain information to help you, and the actual unit study pages are mainly pages of links.  These are the resources I am using.  If you prefer to use your library instead of your internet, go right ahead!  I have been starting with the links for video clips, and just clicking through them.  The kids watch a few of the videos to get their interest really going, and then I start using the informational links, such as National Geographic.  I simply read these to the kids, but if you have readers they could do this themselves.  Then we visit the printable links to see if there is anything we want to do, and we head to the table.  We do all of the lapbook and notebook pages, along with any website printables, to finish up. 

Note: I never finished this. This is everything I have done. The second and third weeks don't have any links or study guides. However, information about these topics should be easy to find online. 

Planning and introduction

Week One

Week One

Study and Links

Printables- Learning about Fiction

Printables- Ecosystems and Coral Reefs

Printables- Australia, Ocean zones, and the five oceans

Printables- Animal Study: Clownfish and Anemones

Week Two

Study and Links

Printables- Social Studies: Scientists

Printables- Animal Study: Sharks

Week Three

Week Four

Study and Links

 All files on this page are copyrighted and may not be used or copied for use outside of your immediate family. Please refer anyone interested to this site. 

Thank you for your understanding! 

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Learning about Nemo’s World


We have been having a great time this week, using my new “Nemo’s World” unit study.  This is a four-week internet based study that I wrote for little ocean- obsessed CJ.  It covers a lot of topics, but not surprisingly it is science-heavy.  We are using it as a fun study for summertime, but there should be enough here to keep most kids ‘scienced’ for a month.  (CJ uses ‘science’ as a  verb, so I thought I might as well, too.)  I have planned it with four lessons a week since we are not schooling on Fridays right now, but I have ideas for a fifth day if you need that.  I will be offering this free on my blog, one week at a time, and the first week will go up tomorrow!



For now, I wanted to offer you a sneak preview of the fun we’ve been having!


Nemo pics







Friday, June 3, 2011

Download N Go Sunny Seashells Review

seashells 3

Wow!  can I just say that for the last Download N Go review of the school year, Sunny Seashells is amazing? We were absolutely enthralled with the beautiful seashells and the lovely animals that make them.  There was so much of this that I didn’t even know, it was simply fascinating!
Sunny Seashells is full of neat features, like a country of the day, seashell of the day, and more.  Here is a list of the chapters:



Day 1: Seashells--What Are They?

Day 2: Seashells and History

Day 3: Types of Seashells

Day 4: The Science of Seashells

Day 5: Seashell Party!


Each day has a variety of activities, including lovely drawing sheets, interesting worksheets about the animals and countries, lots of lapbook pieces, and beautiful videos embedded on Download N Go’s own website pages.  We just love the videos and the kids remember them exceptionally well.  This study was especially enhanced by the videos, since we are all used to seeing empty seashells.  It is so neat to be able to watch the live animals in action!
 Sunny Seashells
I highly recommend having some real seashells of your own for this study.  We had a dishful from mommy’s childhood trips to Florida, and they enhanced the study in many ways!  We sketched them, sorted them, compared them, and tried to figure out how a real live critter would live in them.  You can frequently get real seashells at Walmart or craft stores, and they are not expensive.  What a neat way to enhance this study for those of us who are landlocked!


One of the neat features of these studies is the poetry pages.  After each day’s readings, there is a gorgeous page with poetry or Bible verses on a photograph.  These are just beautiful, and I think they are perfect to go along with the study as copywork.  There are normally copywork pages included with the study with themed borders or photographs, so you can pick one of two of those, and use them with the lovely verse pages.  An older child might want to do one verse a day, while a younger child might need to work on the same page all week. 
seashells2Since this is my last review of the year, I wanted to add another things about Download N Go unit studies, that you might not notice fi you only did one or two.  A lot of these studies are somewhat interconnected, so not only are you learning through connections each week, but every so often your children will notice something that refers them back to an earlier study that they did.  For example, In Sunny Seashells, three of the five places visited are Australia, Africa and Ireland, and each will be re-visited in it’s own Download N Go- Expedition Australia, Expedition Africa, and Expedition Ireland!  In fact, when we got to Ireland, my kids said, “Oh, we remember that place, mom!” 

Another neat connection that I noticed was learning about using shells for money.  Bop was excited when she remembered learning about people using cocoa beans for money in Chocolate Challenge.  You will find more and more of these connection between the studies as you go along, I have just mentioned two that I noticed in the last few studies that we used.  It really cements the learning, because you are calling back into their memories those other places and things.


Be sure to visit Amanda Bennett’s Unit Studies to take a look at the free sample pages for Sunny Seashells, and visit the Download N Go blog for more reviews.
I received this product free of charge for review purposes. I promise to be honest and fair in my reviews, and I received no other compensation in exchange for my review. You can visit the Download-N-Go blog to read more reviews on this product.


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