Sunday, April 25, 2010

Wiggly, squiggly, brown and squishy...... worms!!!

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge. Proverbs 1:7

Cj has been BEGGING to learn about worms. With the advents of spring and gardening both bringing to mind the wiggly critters, we decided to make the time. Wow! What amazing creatures! We all learned a lot, got dirty, and had a great time.

We started with the Worm Lapbook from Homeschool Share. And a tub of nightcrawlers from the Sporting Goods section at Walmart. :D

Since pictures are worth 1000 words...

Putting dirt in our worm jars....

(We had an extra kid)

Adding water....

He seems happy in his new home..... (can worms feel emotions?)

They are wrapped in black paper and covered, to keep out all the light....

Now we move on to the worm dissection....

Just kidding, CJ was horrified at the idea of killing his beloved "squirmy wormys". But we did examine them, and it was really fascinating, even for Mom!


This is a worm portrait. Yes, worms do have heads. And brains! Who knew??

(in case you ever want to have meaningful conversation with a worm, talk to the pointy end. You will get better results. They hate it when people mix up their ends. )

After all that fun, we just had to do one more thing.....

You can't leave out the gummy worms in a worm unit!!

Some amazing, little-know worm facts:

Worms do have 5 hearts, but they are all together in the same place, so they don't become two worms when you chop them in half.

Worms do have the ability to grow new parts, even a head if the conditions are all right.

Worms are not native to North America, but were brought here on pilgrim ships, when they brought plants from Europe.

Worms can be used to tell you how good your soil is... the more the better.

Commercial worm farms feed their livestock a mixture of cornmeal and coffee grounds.

The largest worm ever recorded was 22 feet long, and discovered in Africa.

There are now worms on every continent in the world. There are thousands of worm species, and over 2,000 earthworm species alone.

Some worms live in the ocean.

Worms have no eyes or lungs, but they breathe air and sense light.

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