Sunday, July 27, 2014

Fun, Fascinating, and Frustrating From Week Four

Week four was a little slow, as we were just getting back into the swing of things from the kids' summer break. We were also trying out a new schedule, so we took it slow and just did the core subjects. So far, I am delighted with the schedule and the new way of looking at school. I can't wait to dive into the whole thing next week!

FUN: The new schedule! It has all the 'fun' things, the delightful things, that make a Charlotte Mason education about so much more then just books. Things like composer study, music, art, foreign language, and handicrafts. These riches we were adding into afternoons, trying to make time after lunch and stuffing them all in. It just wasn't working for us, for so many reasons. We were tired and wanted to do something else by then, and it just seemed to take up so much of the afternoon. Now, the riches are sprinkled throughout the school day. It is so relaxing to have it planned this way. I know it will all get done, it doesn't feel pressured, and we get to do harder stuff in between the delightful, relaxing things.

We also had a lot of fun having a designated outside time every morning. I have a book of old-fashioned games, like leap-frog and blind-man's buff, and I am playing them with the kids in the yard for a break every day. How fun!

A lovely pink camo pocket! 
Hailey decided her
kangaroo Katy,
(from the book Katey-no-Pocket)
needed a pocket. 

Mr. Lego Man
FASCINATING: The older kids enjoyed (yes, they really enjoyed!) their phonics review we are doing this summer. That surprised me! Abby loved her story from James Herriot's book. Caiden liked finally hearing the story of Henry VIII's six wives for himself, and Hailey absolutely adored Robinson Crusoe.

FRUSTRATING: Although I know in my head that school cannot get done before noon anymore, it is still frustrating to me. I know I cannot get all the kids through school at the same time, and some have to take turns, but I still feel behind if we aren't done by lunch. I expected each day to take 1-2 hours past lunch, but it is still frustrating to switch gears to something we aren't used to doing.

We also had some frustrations with grumpy attitudes getting back to work after vacation, but I expected that and was mentally prepared to deal with it. It also wasn't as bad as some times!

Learning to cast out nines
Math- She is graphing coordinates

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