Saturday, June 26, 2010

Learning Happens Weekend 2

We got to see lots of examples of children learning without adult guidance this weekend, when we went through Colorado to my sister's wedding. As we introduced our children to family members they had never met before they got a good dose of 'socialization' :)

Baby Girl learning to play nice with others. Her cousin once removed. I think.

Bop playing 'Blokus'

We were able to spend some time exploring the canyons in my parent's backyard, and the kiddos learned a lot, including how to persevere when you are hot and tired. :)

One of the neatest experiences of the trip, was being able to hold a lizard tail!

A big lizard was trying to have a snack, and this one dropped it's tail and ran. How neat! It was still wiggling...

After we got home, CJ tried to catch a butterfly after playing in the sprinkler...see it above his head?

Woops it went the other way!!

Join in the fun!! Show us how your kids 'educate' themselves! Add your link here, and don't forget to put my button in your post!

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  1. I love how you make learning fun in everyday situations. That's life and the way learning should be all the days of our lives.


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