Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Review: Lies the Government Told You

Not surprisingly, given the name of my blog, both my husband and I take a great interest in politics and especially the history of our country.  So of course I jumped at the chance to read this book, written by Judge Andrew Napolitano.  When I saw that the forward was by Ron Paul, I was even more excited.  This book has a chapter devoted to each lie, and there are 17 chapters in all.  It covers 'lies' such as "The Federal Reserve Shall Be Controlled by Congress" and "Everyone is Innocent Until Proven Guilty".   This is not a book written from a hypothetical point of view, as it is extensively referenced.

I thought that I might find this book hard to read, since so many political books are dry and complicated.  I was happy to find that it is a very enjoyable read, but still deep enough to explore the ideas and truths.  I really learned a lot from it, especially regarding the way that our government is currently working (or not working, as you could put it).  I feel like I am pretty well educated on the way things are SUPPOSED to be working, so it was nice to read more about what is actually happening, and more importantly, why.

This book is not shallow.  There is a lot here, so you should not expect to sit down and read it through in one evening.  I found that I needed to give this book some time to really think about what he is saying.  It is a thinking book.  :)  You may or may not agree with much of it, but if you still think that most of our government is constitutional, this book will be a great eye-opener for you.  This is also a great gift for that uncle, father, or husband who really likes controversial and political reading.

I received this book form BookSneeze, in exchange for my unbiased review.  I will receive no other compensation.

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