Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Chocolate Challenge Download N Go Review

Chocolate ChallengeCreamy. Rich.  Dark, light or white.  Exotic, tasty and a favorite everywhere.  Ice cream, milk, cookies, cake… who can resist the taste of chocolate? 
I knew that we would love this Download N Go, simply because it is yummy if nothing else!  But I was delighted to find all that it had to offer, once we started digging deeper.  This one download contains everything you need for a week or two of tasty learning, including history, science, geography, and even some math and language arts. 
All of the Download N Go studies contain everything that you will need, including links, worksheets, drawing pages, and the day-to-day guides that you follow.  When you do a Download N Go there are no lesson plans or ‘curriculum guides’, just the unit study itself, which you read through and then click on the links that are right there in the text, to go to the websites and videos to learn more.  You will find that using these unit studies is simple for mom, with no prep time needed, and easy to follow for the children, who can just read through each day’s assignment.  The units are each designed for one week, and they are written day-by-day.  You can easily extend them to 2 weeks, however, and there is easily enough material if you want to do that.  Each Download N Go includes lapbook pieces, extensive book lists, links, activities, video clips, and more.
Chocolate Challenge was such a fun study for the kids, and me too!  We got to learn about the history of chocolate, including a great “Chocolatier of the day”, the science of growing and making chocolate, the Brazilian rainforest, and so much more.  We especially enjoyed learning about how chocolate is made, and we got to watch several video clips of the process.  We had taste tests, and I found out that dark-chocolate lovers, like me, are in the minority.  We learned about graphing by taking a poll from our family and friends of their favorite chocolate as well. 
Our favorite parts of Chocolate Challenge was learning about the Amazon rainforest.  We studies the layers of the forest, the importance of the fragile ecosystem, and why diversity is important.  Did you know that only one insect can fertilize cacao trees?  Did you know that one tree only produces enough cacao beans to make 2 lbs of chocolate?  Do you know who were the first peoples to eat chocolate, and that it was far different from our chocolate today?  You will be amazed at everything there is to learn about this yummy treat!
Chocolate Challenge
The pages in Chocolate Challenge are beautiful.  There are drawing pages, with great backgrounds and borders, colorful worksheets, and copywork pages.  And the videos are a treat of their own… creamy melted chocolate running out of giant mixing tubs…. mmmm mmmmm!  We really had a great time with this whole unit, and it didn’t even seem like school.  The kids were asking every morning if we could do Chocolate Challenge- I had to make them wait ‘til after breakfast!
I do have one complaint about this unit, and it is something you will definitely want to take into consideration.  You absolutely cannot do Chocolate Challenge without having chocolate on hand!  Preferable a little dark, milk, and white, and you will need some for each day because, let’s face it, after all of that learning, we all need a pick-me-up.  Especially when the learning smells this good!
You can read more reviews for Chocolate Challenge at Amanda Bennett’s Download N Go blog, and don’t forget about the free samples!

I received this product free of charge for review purposes. I promise to be honest and fair in my reviews, and I received no other compensation in exchange for my review. You can visit the Download-N-Go blog to read more reviews on this product.


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  1. it was an interesting study wasn't it? my lad still talks about the rainforest and that little bug that the trees need to make chocolate. (a net in time)


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