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GoTrybe Review

PhotobucketGoTrybe is an online subscription based site bringing better fitness to children.  There are several components to this site including the exercise portion.  There are also nutrition and motivational videos and an avatar based reward system.  This site also has a social aspect which we chose not to participate in due to the ages of our children.  They are not really able to understand and use social sites, so you can read more about this in the other reviews.  We signed up under the ZooDoos level, for little ones up to grade 5.

My favorite part of GoTrybe was the exercise videos.  You can use ready-made routines or design your own.  To design your own workout, you simply click and drag the selected clips into the playlist.  There is space for 1 warm up, 3 cardio, 1 strength training, and 1 flexibility clip, to create a complete workout about 30 minutes long.  You can save your workouts for future sessions.  Our favorite workout was comprised entirely of animal moves.  The kids loved pretending to be various animals as the hopped, galloped, stretched, and crawled around the room. 



  Lets all be elephants!


The exercise videos included with GoTrybe are varied and creative, with suggested ages included. We stuck to the videos for the preschool to 2nd grade ages, and found them challenging and fun, but never too difficult.  Some of the videos for the older elementary ages included a lot of dance type moves which looked like a lot of fun to me but were too difficult for the kids to follow.   After you complete your a workout each day, point are awarded to your account. 

The Nutrition, Motivation, and Wellness portions of GoTrybe are simply short movie clips and quizzes that your child can do each day.  There is only one of each available per day, and your child receives points for each completed daily portion.  These points are used to purchase clothes, accessories and other items like pets, to dress up the child’s avatar. 

PhotobucketThe Nutrition tab encourages making good choices, but it is mainly focused on knowledge.  Each day your child learns one thing about good nutrition.  The quizzes are very short and have one question, such as multiple choice or true-or-false.  Since nutrition information can be very controversial and people have different opinions on the healthiest way to live, this could be a problem for some families; however, I didn’t find anything that was opinionated enough to be very controversial.  For example, today’s lesson was a short paragraph about hydration, and the quiz asked whether or not water should be drunk only when exercising. 

The Motivation section is a little video clip of one of the GoTrybe instructors, and it is just a short segment.  They are typically talking about what they do to stay motivated, or something similar.  Today’s clip was an instructor talking about her passions and goals for fitness.  These clips are of varying value in my opinion.  I find it hard to believe that a child who is not already motivated would find any more motivation from a short clip like this.  Encouragement from parents and good examples seem to be more important as far as motivation goes. 

The Wellness videos contain information about a wide variety of topics that affect overall health, often involving safety.  Today’s clip featured the difference between tornado watches and warnings, but did not cover what to do in the case of an impending tornado.  Again, it seemed to me that this section was of questionable value given the briefness of the information.


So, what did our family ultimately think of GoTrybe?  We really enjoyed the workouts.  It was great to have the ability to pick-and-choose which exercises we would like to do, and the versatility is great.  The kids got a kick out of exercising like animals and vehicles, and the more typical routines were fun too.  The ladies leading the workouts are always accompanied by children which is inspiring to the kids.  They got tired and discouraged at a few points, but I told them that is how they know it is working.  :)  I think this is a great option if you want a video-led exercise program for your children that is customizable.  I wouldn’t really count on getting a lot of good info out of the nutrition, motivation and wellness portions, unless your kids want to do them to get more points for dressing up their avatar.   Of course, there may be a lot of different information for the older grades, so if you are interested in using this with an older child you should definitely read the reviews from those age groups. 

You can get a free trial of GoTrybe, and you will be able to see for yourself all of the features.  There are three levels of GoTrybe, for children from pre-school on up to 12th grade, and a one-year subscription is $19.95.



If you would like to find out more before signing up,

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