Wednesday, September 15, 2010


OK. I will admit it. I don't like math. I never did. Blame it on the math program I used. Blame it on my Mom. (no offence to my Mom, :) She hated math as much as me, so maybe she passed it on. ) Blame it on my laziness. (I could take 2 hours to do half a math lesson.)

But, whoever you blame it on, it still means that I was less then enthused when I saw this product. A box of cards, with numbers on them. You add, subtract, multiply and devide to play the game- not my idea of a fun afternoon!

But, after hearing how many people played it online and got addicted, I figured I had better go into this with an open mind! (You can try the online version, too!)

So what is Pyramath? Like I said, a bunch of cards with numbers on them.... but really a lot more. This is one of those games that is SO simple you will think it cannot possibly be entertaining, but it is! Basically you start with a line of cards, and you use one of the four math
operations to figure out which cards you can pot on top of them. If you have a 3 and a 2, you can place a 5, 1, or 6 on them. Then, you keep building until you have a pyramid!

I ended up really liking this game. It's FUN! Bop really enjoyed it. I had to help her with all of the bigger numbers, but she did a lot more of them then I thought she could. I got my hubby to play it, too, and he really enjoyed it! That is saying something, for a guy who doesn't play card games. :)

I honestly cannot say that this game helped Bop memorize any math facts, since she is just too young to have all of her addition facts memorized, in any case. BUT after having played it quite a few times (with her and alone), I can say it helped me! I have several facts that I KNOW I knew at one time, but now they are just.... well... let's say I shelved them. :) This game really helped me and I want to keep playing it every few days to get better.... maybe after I have the addition facts all down again, I can memorize the multiplication facts. *blushing*

If you have elementary age children that need drill work, or even older kids that could use some speed, this game is an excellent tool for the price. (Only $6.96- can't beat that!) There are several variation included, and with half an imagination, you will come up with many more. You can play it without turns, to increase speed, or one at a time to be fair to the youngest players. If your siblings are all busy making a relief map of Ethiopia, you can play alone.... If you have a LOT of siblings wanting to play, make it a tournament!

Be sure to check out the other fun products from BrainyAttic, including I See Cards, Fractazmic, and Prime Bomb. If they are anything like Pyramath, I have no doubt that they would all be quality additions to your homeschool.

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and don't forget to check out that online version of Pyramath!

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  1. We are loving this game as well. We got the Fractions and Prime Bomb games. Both boys had the look of dread when I explained the game, and then eneded up playing for a couple of hours! Fun~!


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