Thursday, November 11, 2010

SpellQuizzer Review

I received the chance to review a nifty little program called SpellQuizzer. This is a computer program designed to drill spelling words for kids. It is NOT a game and it is not fancy. However, sometimes the best learning tools are tools and nothing more! Kids don't need fancy games to learn to spell.

SpellQuizzer sells for $29.95 and it is an instant download- no shipping time. You can download several list of spelling words on the SpellQuizzer site, and you can make your own with a microphone. You simply name your list, enter the correct spelling, and add the audio word (or a hint if you don't want to fiddle with the audio and your kids are old enough to 'get it'). Presto! Your list. Now, instead of a parent drilling spelling words, the computer does.

How did it work for us? After playing around with SpellQuizzer for several days, and having bop try it out, I have decided that it is not right for her at this time. For several reasons. It is obviously intended for older children, and though Bop is advanced in spelling and phonics, the typing is just too tedious for her to do and actually enjoy. Also, I really prefer her to handwrite her words at this point, to get in extra practice.

However, that does not mean that SpellQuizzer is not a great program for older children, or families that prefer a more conventional spelling list approach. i can also see how SpellQuizzer would be an excellent program for children with Disgraphia or those who simply don't like writing.

I received a free copy of SpellQuizzer for my unbiased review. I will not receive any other compensation.

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