Monday, January 4, 2016

Books I Read in 2015

So all my friends are posting the books they read in 2015, and I don't want to get left out of the fun. I have some friends that read almost 70 books last year! I didn't read nearly that many, in fact I didn't count. And I am sure I have forgotten a few because I didn't put them all in Goodreads.  I only included books I read for the first time, so there were many other school books I didn't count.

I also set a new goal for this year of reading 52 books this year, about one a week. Now, I don't actually read a book in a week most of the time, but since I currently have 20 or so going at a time, I think it will even out.

2015 Book List 

(Including my Goodreads rating. Cause I'm nice like that.) 

The Living Page  *****

The Daughter of Time ***

The Fellowship of the Rings *****

Watership Down *****

Colorado-The Bright Romance of American History *

Mere Christianity *****

The Brenden Voyage *****

Tending the Heart of Virtue *****

Galileo's Daughter ***

Of Courage Undaunted (school book)

King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table (school book)

Richard II (Shakespeare)

The Two Towers *****

Animal Farm ****

Ivanhoe ****

The Once and Future King

The Great Divorce

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  1. Can I ask you if you used King Arthur as one you read to the children? my ds (13) with some developmental delays struggled today to read King Arthur (Green) on his own and I'm wondering if he's not ready for it and should look for something else or if I should read it aloud. Thanks for any thoughts or insight.


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