Saturday, January 29, 2011

Another Ordinary Day

I know we all have a tendency to read through various homeschool and mothering blogs and get a little discouraged.  Sometimes it seems like the 'other' moms all have everything together, and it can seem even more that way in the online world, where we never drop by unannounced and see their houses in a mess and their kids in jammies at noon.

But, as my wonderful friend Oney says, we are really all the same.  We all have days that are great and days that are average, and we all have those "Terrible, Horrible, No-good, Very Bad" days, too.  (To borrow from Ray Cruz.)  This post is all about those average days.  The days where not everything goes wrong, but some things do.  They days where you get the laundry OR the dishes all done, but not both.  The days where you may skip studying history but you all play outside for an hour.  Those days.

These are the days that slip by.  The days that are unnoticed and unappreciated in all their ordinary-ness.  These are the days that I will miss desperately in later years, but I will not be able to remember.  These are the days I want to remember, the days I don't want to miss.

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     An ordinary day last week-

We had a WIC appointment, to weigh and measure CJ.  He is four and a half.  I forgot all of my paperwork, but they were able to go ahead and do it.  We got groceries.  Went to the Library.  I needed books about the moon, Blue-footed Boobies, and George Washington.  I found books about the moon.

I wanted a new movie for pizza night, but I left my cash at home so we had to get a documentary (no charge) on the ocean.  CJ wanted to watch it anyway, so the princess movie can wait until next week I guess.  The kids had a great time playing with the puppets, so we stayed for a while.  Cj got stacks of books and read them while Bop played, so the librarians had to re-shelve half the library after we left.  That boy LOVES books!  Baby Girl threw several nice fits while we were in there and yelled "potty!"  loud enough for everyone to hear.  Then she started stripping.  :)  A girl has to go when she gets the urge!

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We got to enjoy the beautiful weather for awhile after we got home, then everyone thought that they should have some dinner.  We had cereal and then we did school.  Math.  Phonics.  Drills on the computer.  Time to sit down and read.
Egypt- the Nile, farming, bread and beer.
Flax and papyrus and irrigation.
Bop made a couple of notebook pages and then Daddy came home.

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Pizza and a movie.  Baby Girl fell asleep on my lap and CJ loved the movie.  He said as it started that he hoped he didn't fall asleep before the end.  He didn't.

Messy kitchen.
Messy living room.
Laundry on the chair.
Laundry in the dryer.
Dishes to unload, 
dishes to load.

I think I will go to bed anyway, Mommy needs her sleep.


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