Monday, January 10, 2011

Easy Classical Review

Do you have an appreciation for the Classical style of learning?   What about a love of History?  Great books?  That all comes together in Easy Classical, with schedules, recommended book lists, writing resources and more.  You can get a look at all of Easy Classical's resources on their very nice website.  I received an electronic version of the Early Modern History schedule, which is $29.95.  You can also choose to buy a print version for $35.95.  This year covers from the explorers to 1820.

PhotobucketTo be perfectly honest, I do not know that much about the classical method of education.  I find it intriguing, but I haven't learned a lot about how it actually works.  Unit Studies won out for now.  ;)  But I was really excited to read about Easy Classical, because I do want to know more about this style of teaching.  I was pleasantly surprised to find the Easy Classical Early Modern History schedule easy to read and understand, even before I read the introduction and instructions.  The lay-out is done in a intuitive manner that looks like it would be easy to use.

The schedule is just that- a plan.  It is organized by the week, which really appeals to me.  The chapter readings are given on Monday, so that you can make your assignments and then go from there.  I wouldn't recommend doing all the reading on that day, but rather spread it out however it works.  The writing assignments are spread out evenly through the week.  I really like how Friday includes the fun activities in the History Pockets.  My kids would really go for that.

The introduction is very helpful when learning how to use this program, but they do not recommend using the program without first reading The Well Trained Mind.  Since I have not read that book (yet ) I felt like there is quite a bit that I could learn about this method.  However, I still felt like the schedule was simple to understand and would be easy to implement.

The Easy Classical family includes several products which are designed to work together, and the Schedule I received has some of these products in the plan.  Geography with History, Writing with History, and the Early Modern Copybook are all part of the Early Modern History schedule, and you really wouldn't be able to use it properly without them.

The Easy Classical schedules are built around several books, including both literature and history books such as History of US and The Story of the World.  These books are the heart of the plan, and you can't substitute other books.  They are well-known and loved books, but I was surprised that so many books were required.  Using Easy Classical for history will require quite a few purchases, so you should keep that in mind when considering it.

Easy Classical also has schedules available for Science and complete schedules.  The literature and text books are not purchased from Easy Classical, so it is not a complete curriculum kit.  The complete curriculum guides could be extremely helpful when thinking about purchasing this program, because the types of books they recommend will help you see the type of schooling they use throughout the schedules.

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