Friday, January 7, 2011

Download N Go Winter Wonders Review

Snowflakes, sweaters, hot chocolate, pine trees...  The crisp, cold air and the frosty windows- it must be Winter Wonders!  We thoroughly enjoyed our Autumn Treasures study last fall, so it was exciting to get to learn all about Winter with Download N Go as well!

The Download N Go unit studies include everything you need- you can literally download it, and then go with it! I really appreciate the fact that even though extensive book lists are included they aren't required.  It is so frustrating to spend money on a unit study and then find out that you have to spend more money on a large stack of books that are vital the the study!  All you need for the Winter Wonders is the study and an internet connection.  All of the information needed can be found in the links included.

You will find all of the expected topics in Winter Wonders, such as temperature and polar animals.  But there are also unexpected surprises, too, like learning about Snowflake Bentley!  Who is this "Snowflake man", you ask?  Well, I guess you will have to get Winter Wonders and learn all about him!

One of my favorite parts of the seasons series is the encouragement to get outside and enjoy a nature walk each day.  There is so much to learn right outside your window, and- particularly in this cold time of year, we often forget to go out as much as we should.  We haven't taken our walk every day this week, but we spent more time outside then we would have if we weren't doing this Download N Go.  They even include little journaling pages to document your walks and all the great finds you come across!

The video links in Winter Wonders were so fun to watch, especially since winter is generally very dry and sunny in our part of the world.  (even though it's still cold.  That's just not fair!)  :)  I love watching the videos, and the kids really like them as a change from me reading the facts to them.  We especially appreciate the videos that are informational because the little ones seem to retain the learning so well.

The back of the Download N Go units have some fun lapbook pieces, and Winter Wonders includes pretty recipe cards and a pocket for them.  We had fun writing down our favorite winter recipes.  There are also lots of links at the end of each day and a big list at the end of the study.  These are great for stretching the  unit  into a couple weeks or even a month.  If you put the book suggestions to use, there are even more ideas.  Some of the units include coloring  pages, puzzles, videos, websites and more.

There were a lot of fun worksheets and coloring pages in this unit, but our favorite were the pages for day four.  We got to learn about several winter animals, and there are backgrounds for drawing them on and worksheets to fill in about each one.  And, like always, there are lots of beautiful pictures, poems, quotes and Bible verses to enrich your learning.

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