Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Math Facts Now Review


Math Facts Now is a basic, no-frills way to drill math facts.  Picture a computer program, with customizable "lessons", that are really sets of drills.  This is not a game.  There are no rewards, no goofy characters, and nothing to distract your child from what you are wanting him to do- learn those math facts.

This program is downloadable from the website for $15.95.  This is handy if you want to get started right away!  It is a small program, so anyone- even those with a slow connection- should be able to use it.  If you prefer, you can also order it on a CD.

There is a lot to like about this program.  It is extremely customizable; you can choose what operations to drill, (It includes all four), what numbers to use,  the amount of problems, and you can add a reward (such as ice-cream, watch a movie, etc.) for a perfect score.  You can also change the length of time the child hasto answer each problem.

I thought that the consequence for a missed or timed-out problem was extremely creative and effective.  The child must type out the complete problem a minimum of two times (you can raise this number for older kids).  After several times of this, that math fact really sticks!  This program is like souped-up electronic flashcards, and it really works.

So what did we think of it, personally?  Bop doesn't like it.  At all.  She has been in tears over it.  But really, it wasn't that bad.  I gave her ten problems.  I don't feel like math drills are supposed to be "fun", so I am not concerned about this.  The biggest struggle that she had with it was typing out the missed problems.  the more she tried it, the more frustrated she got, and then she started "forgetting" problems that I KNOW she knows.  I think this program works, and works well.  I plan to keep using it, some.  But it will not be our main source for drills until the kids are older.  It is hard for her to try and type out the symbols ( +, = ) and she sometimes get a problem wrong because she kits the wrong key.  This does not seem like it will be an extremely useful program for her, right now, but I think it would be much more helpful for middle- and upper- elementary aged children.

You can read more reviews for this program at The Old Schoolhouse Crew blog, and you can visit the Math Facts Now website to learn more about it, and try it free!

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