Friday, March 18, 2011

Kite Capers Download N Go


Let’s go fly a kite, up to the highest heights…Let’s go fly a kite and send it souring,

Up through the atmosphere, up where the sky is clear…

Oh, let’s go fly a kite!

Oh, sorry.  That song has been in the back of my mind all week because we have been working on our latest Download N Go, Kite Capers!  Who doesn’t love to fly kites?  Or at least, watch their cheery colors while someone else flies them.  Of course, we had to buy some kites before we started this unit, and Bop and Cj were so excited to try them.  It was windy here all week, perfect for their first kite flying adventures!
Before we flew our kites the first time, we got to learn all sorts of things about them.  We learned about kite safety, and the very first people to fly kites.  We learned about wind and clouds, inventors and explorers.  And, of course, we learned a lot about kites!  There are a lot of hands-on activates in Kite Capers, not the least of which is simply flying a kite.  But we also got to learn about how kites fly and make our own kites.  We also got to draw a different kind of kite each day.  Who knew that there were so many different kinds of kites?  Caiden was especially enthralled with the huge octopus kites, and he drew one on each of his pages after he was done drawing the “kite of the day”. 

We loved the embedded video clips, and we felt like we got to visit all sorts of different kite festivals and see the amazing kites.  Divers gently swimming, giant sea rays, dogs and cats… the list goes on.  We even watched the biggest kite in the world lift off the ground!  The video clips are embedded in a special Download N Go page, so they are always safe for little eyes. 

This unit has a copywork page for each day, and I think that is great.  Bop is getting to the age where she needs to be practicing her handwriting, and copying Bible verses about wind is a great way to do that!  She is not used to using single-lined pages, so I added a middle dashes line in between them.  Since the verses are not on the copywork pages, I would copy it down for her on the lines above hers, and we erased my writing after she was done.  it worked great and was a lot easier for her!  They get really bored with regular handwriting, so I appreciate these pages. 
You can read all of the other reviews for Kite Capers at the Download N Go blog, or go right to Amanda Bennett’s Unit Studies to pick up your own copy.  Don’t forget to visit the Kite Capers page to download your free samples!

We love kites!


I received this product free of charge for review purposes. I promise to be honest and fair in my reviews, and I received no other compensation in exchange for my review. You can visit the Download-N-Go blog to read more reviews on this product.


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