Thursday, October 14, 2010

Oliver's Labels Review

I recently got the opportunity to try out Oliver's Labels. These labels are really neat! They are made for todays families on-the-go; playgroups, daycare, grocery shopping, or your homeschool field trips! They have a variety of label types. The most versatile are the Original Labels, which can be used on things like sippy cups. But they also have skinny little Mini Labels, (for pencils and scissors) Shoe Labels, Clothing Labels, and nifty tags for backpacks and the like.

When I received my labels, what I really wanted to find out was if they stick. I wanted to know if they really stay ON through the dishwasher, clothes washer, and most of all, through my kids manhandling them! I figure if they can withstand what my kids dish out, they will work for anybody!

I chose to stick the Original Labels on Baby Girl's sippy
cups, since they would be going through the dishwasher a lot, and they are about the only thing we would be taking a lot of places. I used the Shoe Labels in Baby Girl's shoes, and I put the clothes labels in their nicest coats.

When I first stuck the shoe labels into the shoes, I really didn't think they would stick. I know they are supposed to, but they just don't FEEL very sticky. They have really stayed put! Not even the edges are curling at all. These Shoe Labels are really cute. They are foot shaped, with right and left feet stickers with matching designs, to go inside each shoe.

The Original Labels have done just as well, already going through my dishwasher quite a few times, and even a soaking in the sink. What do I like best about these labels? You can order them with a unique 'tracking
number', which the finder of an item will enter into the wesite so your stuff can be returned to you!

Now, to be perfectly honest, I really couldn't justify buying these labels for myself. Most of our clothing is hand-me-downs, and we really don't go places that often. The worst thing we ever lost was Bop's lovey when she was a toddler. I would have LOVED to have a label then. :)

But if you are a frequent traveler, if you go to homeschool co-ops, games, dance and music practice, and all of the other things that modern 'carschooling' families do, you will love these. I can think of tons of things they would be useful for- music instruments, sports uniforms, lunch boxes, coats, baby bottles, and even expensive stuff like laptops and cameras.

If you have an allergic child, you will find their Allergy
Labels really helpful. Each one has cute but very clear graphics and the words "No Eggs", "No Nuts", etc. I am thinking you could stick a plastic tag on your child's coat zipper... his shoe laces... anywhere it would be seen by possible caretakers.

One neat thing I liked is the options to personalize the labels. You don't HAVE to put your child's name- you can put anything. I chose our family name, so that we could use them on anything, which makes them much more versatile. Add to that the huge number of designs you can pick from, and Oliver's Labels are a really nice, useful product for anyone on-the-go.

I received a sample of Oliver's Labels free in exchange for my review. I am always honest and fair in my reviews and I did not receive any other compensation.

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