Saturday, February 26, 2011

Another Week

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She found out she can use her
beads in a new way...
It seems like yesterday that I was writing last Friday's Weekly Wrap-up.  It makes my sad to think about how fast the days are going by... soon my kiddos will be too big to rock on mama's lap or listen to "Home for a Bunny" or "Madeline"...

But, anyway, enough of that.  Here is what we did this week!

For Bible we learned about following rules and how Adam and Eve disobeyed God.  Positive Action for Christ is still workgin great for us.  The only things taht I am having trouble with is some of the songs.  The choruses are frequently songs that I don't know, so I am using some of the more commen children's Bible songs that I learned growing up.

We got to do another Download N Go for our unit study this week.  Hoppin' Popcorn!  Wow, this one has been fun, and I can't believe how much there was to learn about popcorn!  You will have to wait until next week for my review on this, but let me just say it was great.

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Bop is still working on Lesson 15 in math, which is learning how to make 10 through adding.  She has flown through this lesson, so we will be on the some review and testing next week.  Cj was doing lesson 4 in the Math U See Primer, and he is doing two pages a day for now because he wants to and it is easy for him at this level.  He is learning to count and recognize numbers, which he pretty much already knows.

For reading, we have had a lot of reviews to work through.  We have stopped using Progressive Phonics for now, and we will get back to that after some of our review periods are over.  We are reviewing a neat program called Reading Kingdom and they are still using Read, Write and Type.  Bop has finished Read, Write and Type once and now she is going through it again.

I also used some more Kid Scoop pages for Bop to read and practice with.  She still thinks that she CAN'T read, even though she reads all the time for school.  The connection between school reading and every-day reading just hasn't clicked, I guess.  She will ask me to read things that I know she can read, and she has no trouble with it when I point it out.  I am not worried about this, I know that one day she will realize that reading is reading, no matter where, and she will take off.  I think it's kind of funny, actually.  :)

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Watching popcorn
We have started a new online review for a program called Big IQ Kids.  It is mostly for Bop right now, and includes math, spelling, vocabulary and geography practice.  I can't say much about it right now since we haven't been using it for very long, but I do like the way it has the spelling practice.

We have several fun things that we are working on for reviews.  We have been using Kinderbach for music and loving it.  It is perfectly geared for the ages I have, and I really think learning music is important.  We are still using Speekee for Spanish, too.

I know.  Right now, our Weekly Wrap up sounds pretty much like a list of our current reviews, plus math.  And it really is pretty much that.  But this is where we are at right now, and I am very thankful for these reviews even if they do keep us hopping and change my plans.

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Playing games as a family.

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Our Play Dough Rainbow
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CJ's Play Dough Jelly fish

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