Saturday, February 12, 2011

Have you seen all the posts about CSN stores?

I have, too... and I have been wondering about them!  Turns out, CSN Stores are great!  They offer tons of stuff and have over 200 online stores, including stores for home decor, baby things and even outdoor toys like a wooden swing set!  I recently got an offer to do a review for them, so you will have to keep your eyes out for that in a few weeks.

I love office supplies, I am weird like that.  I just love the smell of wooden pencils and the feel of crisp new paper.  So I was very excited to see that CSN stores has a whole bunch of stores just for office things!  I love this classroom furniture store, because I really dream about having a school room some day!  I have also been looking at the games and educational toys.  Wow, there is a lot here!

You can really find anything for anybody in these stores, so they are a great first stop when you need to do some online shopping.  Now I just need to pick something to review!  How to choose.... :)


  1. The choosing is always a challenge for me too. But, it's fun!

  2. Lucky you! It would be hard to choose :0) Have fun!!


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