Friday, July 16, 2010

Game Day

Game day! We had a lot of fun, just doing whatever games the kids wanted to, out of their workboxes. I let them pick the order and what to do.

New magnetic letters (Garage sale find!)

Bop coloring on a unicorn Bare Book we are making busy books for Church

How fun those Math-U-See blocks are! He builds while Bop does her math work

Baby Girl sorting fake berries into colors.... well, that was the idea. She just had fun putting them in and out. :)

Bop sorting word families. These are from the Progressive Phonics program's short e book. FREE!

She doesn't know how to play sudoku, of course.... but she can put counting chips on colored dots!

Ummmm....... I don;t think thats how it is supposed to go. :)

CJ had more fun with the rice pouring tray then Baby Girl did.

I know it is an old trick, but the kids thought it was so fun to see themselves "tiny" and "giant"!

Look what good care he is taking of his miniature sissy! :D

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  1. I am new to the Homeschool Crew this year. I thought I was following everyone's blog, but just came across yours! Following now. :)

    Love these photos~ especially that last one~ cute!


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