Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Why I haven't been blogging much... See my new School Room!!

I have missed several of my favorite memes this week, but I haven't been spending time on the computer at all. I have been completely re-doing our school/dining room shelves. We have been needing to do this for a long time, but when we saw shelves on clearance at Walmart, we jumped on it. I am SO happy to get it all done before our new school year starts in August!

Our old school shelves- The things on the table are 'away'. They overflowed from the shelves, so this is where they sat.

Stacks of books and school supplies-

BOXES of books- more books and some games and puzzles on the shelves

Bottom Shelves- picture books, children's non-fiction books organized by subject, and workboxes.

Shelf one, Games and puzzles I organized these by putting each puzzle or game in a ziplock baggie, and throwing them in the tub. :) There is a reason these are on the top shelf.
Shelf two, read alouds I still need to sort these, the series are all mixed up.
Shelf three, school paper, books, workbooks, etc. One shelf holds things we use each day, the other one holds thing for later use.

Craft stuff Red x's mean children can't get them without asking, green circles mean they are free to use any time.

More craft stuff... More crafts... lots of red x's :) Bop was asking me, "can't you put a green circle on that one? What about that one?"

The labels are for me..... I will stick things where ever they fit unless I have a sign telling me not to- even if I wrote the sign. :)

What do you think? Do you have any tips for organizing school stuff in a small space?


  1. I LOVE the "X" and "O" idea- especially for those non-readers...I think I need this kind of system for my kiddos...hmmmm...

  2. Ahh, things feel so much better once they are on shelves, don't they? I love the x's and o's too. Cute idea.

  3. Awesome! My current organization looks about like your "old" shelves (blush). We definitely have to do something about that. I like your system and concur with the puzzles being on high shelves.

  4. I also love the x's and o's...and the shelves looks great!

  5. What a transformation! Love the x and o idea too. We have a large coat closet so I decided to purge coats/jackets and use half the closet for school supplies (the other half still has a few coats). I bought one of those closet organiser shelves and supplies (not school books) go in there. If it is in there, the kids can't get to it without permission. Like your x's and o's....this is one big X LOL

  6. You HAVE been busy!

    I like your idea of the games in ziplock bags. I was looking at getting some of those bags the library uses for audio books, but the $$$$$, ouch!
    Ziplocks are much cheaper. :)

  7. Good Work!!! And I concur on how absolutely marvelous the green dot, red x system is. I might have to work on that over here, :)


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