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Travel the World with The Old Schoolhouse's June Module!

If you are like me, something called a 'planner module' doesn't sound much like a fun curriculum supplement. I was imagining something like planner or binder components to help you with your homeschooling for the month of June...

Well, was I wrong! When I downloaded The Old Schoolhouse's June Planner Module, titled "Travel the World!" I had a huge grin on my face. The first thing I saw was colorful maps. Lots and lots of maps. I love maps.

These modules are designed to complement The Old Schoolhouse Planner, but they can also be used as stand-alone unit study guides. You don't have to have the Planner to use them. Designed for all ages, they have enough activities for everyone in your home. With all of their versatility, you can make your $7.95 go a long way with these modules.

Some of the great components found in these e-books:
  • Study guide
  • Adiitional resources to expand your study
  • Coloring pages
  • Activities, quizzes and puzzles
  • Recipies
  • Lapbooking mini books
  • Copywork

I have to admit, I was a tiny bit disappointed by the age range of the activity sheets in this e-book. Most of the 'fun' pages were too old for my kids. Crosswords, word finds, etc. But they would be perfect for slightly older kiddos with more reading experience. Even second graders would be able to do a lot of them with a little help. Bop thought the coloring pages were neat- continents with animal and landmark drawings. I think they really did help her remember what animals are found where!

The 56 page e-book contained both printable and reading sections. Though you could print the whole thing if you wish, you can also do what I did, and print just the worksheets to save on ink. The informational pages are colorful, but the worksheets and activities are mainly black and white to save on ink.

There is definitely something for every age range in this book, with a special section for high school age children. If you are teaching lots of different ages, this product is perfect for you. Most of the content covers geography, of course, but there are also activities with math and language components.

Since Bop and CJ are still pretty young, (they are going into first grade and kindergarton this fall) we haven't done a lot with maps. We have children's atlases and they love to look at maps, but we havent really learned about them. So they got a lot out of just listening to the first section in the book, about the globe, maps and continents. Then we went on to our atlases and looked for the things we had learned about.

It included lapbooking pieces, which is great for us, since we love lapbooking! There is enough here for a smaller lapbook, or make it more thorough by adding in your worksheet and notebooking pages. You could also add your copywork pages, which include Bible verses, quotes, and facts pertinent to the subject in both manuscript and cursive.

The study section is interspersed with gobs of links, some of which take you to a site with more information, and some of which take you to a dictionary or encyclopedia for definitions. I can see how this could make the modules available for elementary age kids to sit down and use with minimal help from mom. Or dad. :)

The back of the e-book is also filled with TONS of links for other resources, including tag-along e-books and curriculum over at The Old Schoolhouse. If you were making this the foundation of a month-long study, these links would be invaluable. There are HOURS of research time saved here!

After getting the chance to use "Travel the World!" with my kidlets, I went to check out some of their other great modules. I think "Cruisin' the Country" would be a great next step to use after "Travel the World!", and "Let Freedom Ring" would be a good start in American history. I know CJ would love to learn about "Insects Galore" and the universe in "Out if this World!". On the other hand, "God Created All" or "Adventures in Reading" sound more like Bop's type of study.

If you are interested in adding something different into your regular curriculum, check into these Modules. They will spice up your learning with something new and fun!

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  1. Hello from a fellow TOS crew member. I'm spending a little time checking out some of the the other reviews. Nice job!


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