Saturday, July 3, 2010

Learning Happens Weekend #3

Wow this is up late. Sorry guys. We have had a great week of learning. Most of it didn't get captured on the camera though. :)

We got three HUGE boxes of booxes from our Homeschool Co-op leader. She had a literal LIBRARY of books, including two each of ALL of the books from the FIAR series, and most of the books from HSS. Most of them she was able to sell to help fund her own boy's highschool years. But some of them, she just gave to us. An amazing treasure trove of picture books, read aloud chapter books, and school books. What an amazing blessing!

We also recieved another blessing-

A cousin was offered a new swingset, so she handed down this one to us. What a fun time! Baby girl started squealing when she saw it, and she didn't stop till we took her in... come to think of it, she was squealing then, too, but out of anger. ;)

And for the end of today's pictures, proof that we homeschoolers really do require too much from our kids. Here she is, exhausted from the effort of reading at two. ;)

Happy learning!

Grab the button link and show us what learning happened at your house this week!

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