Friday, July 9, 2010

We Got our Bare Books!!

We were so excited to get this box today. We have been waiting and waiting....

Not really, they had great shipping times, but we were very impatient.

We are going to be using these books for lapbook and notebook bases. Right now we are trying to combine our lapbooks and notebooks, but they will have mainly lapbook things for now. We
needed something that would be sturdy enough for the lapbook pieces, yet hold several different lapbooks at a time. I was tired of the mess of lapbooks in folders, and I wanted to consolidate and make them sturdier.

I was ready to give up on lapbooks, even though we loved them and there were still so many I wanted to do! I couldn't tolerate the clutter of a new folder being done every week, and the kids tore them up when they went back and looked through them. (Which, after all, is half the point)

Solution? I first saw the Bare Book method on The Marine Corps Nomads blog, (She also has a great dinosaur lapbook) and I thought it was neat. Then, I found out Ami over at Walking by the Way uses it too! So Bare Books and Math U See has been the bulk of our homeschool costs for this next year.

We got ALL this for the $25.00 minimum order! (I was secretly glad to see the minimum, it gave me an excuse to get more then I would have otherwise. )

CJ thinks clothes are a waste of time. :)

Seven (yes SEVEN!) spiral bound 24 page book, three hardbound 28 page books with fun covers, and three little board books for Abby. These should last us all year- and then some. Except I really, really like the board books.... I may need a few more... :)

I was very impressed with the quality of the books. The hardbound books have very hard covers, and thick paper, almost the weight of cardstock. The spiral bound books were advertised as having no cover, but they do have a heavy cardstock-type cover, that extends a little past the edges of the paper for a professional look. The pages in the spiral bound book seem even heavier then the hardbound pages, and the white wire spiral is very nice. The little board books are so nice. They are just like the board books we all buy for our babies, with nice glossy pages and rounded corners. They may not take writing very well (Glossy pages) but they are perfect for gluing pictures, Tot Book things, textured swatches... I can think of so many fun things to do with these for Baby Girl! I definitely want to make a Quiet Book for Church.

Here are the kids pouring over..... lets see, is that a toy catalog? Disney's newest movies?? Oh, of course not! That is the Bare Books catalog! What do they want? Bop wants a Bare Puzzle, CJ would like Bare Game Board.... and they both thought the different printed covers were pretty neat. Now they want to write and illustrate some more stories.

I can see us needing to put in another order soon... Can anyone say CHRISTMAS?

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