Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Look what we hatched!!! (Buggy things...)

After reading Charlotte's Web, the children were aghast when we attempted to throw away spider egg sacs found under an old table. "There are 514 baby spiders in there!"

So in a jar they went, and they were added to the row of never -hatching critters behind the kitchen sink. Hooray.

After I was thoroughly sure they were dead or already hatched, and I was just procrastinating about throwing them out, they actually hatched!

They were so cute and AMAZINGLY tiny. (I don't like spiders, but these were cute. )

This was the third spider egg sac we have attempted to hatch, and we were just SO excited to see them!


  1. What GREAT pictures! I am sure your kiddos are THRILLED that they hatched- I know mine would be!

    Nature at its finest...

  2. wow cool! Although my 3 yr old says "I don't even like new baby spiders. Yuck!

    Bethany Keeney


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