Thursday, August 19, 2010

I am Awarded!!

I got my first blog award this week! Yay!! I received the Sunshine Award from Sister Tipster, over at Tell'n It. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

As the recipient of the award, I am supposed to tell you all 7 things about myself, and then pass this award on to seven other blogs. How fun!

1.) I live in the country and I LOVE it. I love my chickens. :) My friends call me Chicken Woman, which I seriously doubt is a compliment.

2.) I wanted to train service dogs for the disabled in highschool. I wrote a 100 (or so) page book on dog training for highschool English. I also wanted to get married, have kids and homeschool.... I guess we know which one won out. Can I just say training kids is SO MUCH more rewarding then training dogs? :)

3.) I am addicted to unit studies, curriculum and finding fun stuff on the internet for my kids to do.

4.) When I started blogging I never thought I would stick with it a month. I never was any good at journaling.

5.) I am a serious tightwad and it drives my hubby nuts. I am learning to relax and have fun though, slowly but surely!

6.) I actually enjoy politics, listening to people talk about it and reading about the ideas our founding fathers had. I love history.

7.) I have a weird love for paper, cardstock, scissors, pencils, notebooks, and I LOVE printing things. I don't know why. And one of the best smells in the world is the binding of a new book. Right up there near brand-new baby smell. :)

8.) I know, it was supposed to be seven.... but I just realized I must be kind of egocentric, because this wasn't hard AT ALL and I think I enjoy talking about myself. :D

Ok, now to pass this award on to other great bloggers!! This is so fun.... (NO particular order here!)

Orange Marmalade Mama (With a yummy name like that she HAD to get an award!)

And I have to include these ladies, though I am sure they have received many awards better then mine. They have all three taught me so much and I feel like I know them... even if we have never met. :)

Ben and Me Marcy is always cheerful no matter WHAT we are all asking her to do for us, and she does a great job as the DNG Review Team she knows my co-op leader, Oney, and that is just cool.

Walking by the Way Ami has supplied nearly ALL of our curriculum free through Homeschool Share, and more importantly, provided me with great friends through the HSS Forum. She also makes the BEST lapbooks. :)

Our Busy Homeschool Tristan inspires me every time I read her blog, and she is so encouraging. If she can do it, I can too!

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  1. Thank you so much. :) And thanks for saying my blog was sunny.

    April E.


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