Monday, August 23, 2010

You Don't Have to Spend Money to Homeschool

I know. You are getting ready to ask me about paper, pencils and glue... What I mean is you don't have to spend any MORE money to homeschool, then you would be anyway if your children attended a public school.

You would be buying paper, pencils and glue even if your children were going to school! When I
see the amount of money people have to spend on school supplies for their children, I realize that
'public' school's aren't free. Tablets, crayons, pencils...

I have heard stories of children who have to bring paper towels, hand sanitizer, even toilet paper to school!

Since they already get around $10,000 dollars for each child, and in some places more then that, you would think they could afford toilet paper. Considering the fact that the government run schools in our country are still failing, (by all standards) I will guarantee that you can do better on ANY budget.

Yes, I said ANY.

I need to admit something. We qualify for WIC, food stamps and Medicaid for the whole family. At one time in our lives (Before we had children) we lived off of $500 a month in a 12 foot camper trailer. I tell you this because I read the other day that you should not be ashamed of how much money you make. You are there because God has you there. I also want you to know that I know what I am talking about. If we can do this, you can.

First off, you have to know the difference between NEEDS and WANTS. I was talking to my kids about this the other day. I said we NEED more socks. Then I realized that we really don't NEED them, we want them.

We would live with holey socks.

So how do I homeschool? Ink and paper, and the Library.

Progressive Phonics is free. Homeschool Share is free. The Library is free. I spent $60 on Math- U- See this year, and that is our only big expense. The idea that you cannot homeschool if you do not have enough money, is kind of like the idea that you can only homeschool if you are gifted as
a teacher. It is simply not true! If God led you here, he can lead you through!

If you forget about textbooks, workbooks and schoolbooks, and school with what you have or can find, you will be amazed at what can happen. Test scores actually DECREASE as the amount being spent INCREASES! (according to studies by HSLDA)

Have you heard the saying about filling a bucket
or lighting a fire?

If your goal is to light a fire, you can do it best using your children's interests and your
ingenuity! We have chosen to make
our children's education a priority, so if we decide that we should use something for them (Such as our Math- U - See) then we trust that God will give us the money to fill in the gaps in our budget, and we go for it.

If God has led you to nurture your children in your home, then you do not need to worry about HOW you will do it! God sends you what you need, to do what he asks! Now, you may not be doing it the way YOU want to, but you will certainly be doing it the way HE wan't you too, if you use what He sends and step out in faith.


  1. Cool! I hadn't heard of Progressive Phonics.
    Thanks!!! :)

  2. Yes, Yes, Yes!! Preach it, daughter!! For anyone who doubts, tell them about how YOU were home schooled! We probably averaged less than $100 per year on curriculum. Many years we didn't buy anything new. We simply couldn't afford it. But somehow you managed to learn enough to write blogs, and reviews, and do an awesome job homeschooling your own children.
    I'm very frustrated by all the expensive classes offered here to home schoolers. When we first started home schooling 22 years ago, we all offered our knowledge and talents to each other for FREE, because we were all in the same boat of needing help from each other. Makes me sad to see that concept seems to have disappeared as homeschooling has become more common. I think it's important to remember: God cares more about our children's education than we do, and He knows more about what they need; therefore I can trust Him to bring them the curriculum and opportunities they need for the life He has planned for them.

  3. Thanks for writing this. You are so correct. If God leads us to educate our children, He is faithful and will provide. Although we do buy curriculum in our house, I have also succeeded at schooling our children on very little.

  4. Loved this post!! Thanks so much!

    Mrs. White


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