Friday, August 6, 2010

Weekly Wrap-Up 7/6/10


Zoo Animals!

Our first week of school! Bop is now officially in first grade, and CJ started Kindergarten this week as well. This week started our unit on Zoo Animals, and we focused on habitats and homes, while we were reading the book "If Anything Ever Goes Wrong at the Zoo".

Our lapbook


We did lapbook pieces from Homeschool Share, and we read a lot of picture books. Sometimes I really feel like we more through our units so fast each day, that the kids can't really be learning anything. But then I am always surprised later when they tell me about something we studied months ago. One of our lapbooks pieces on habitats and homes was a small book about animals that live in caves. Bop drew pictures, and she explained to me how she drew the bat's thumbs long and curved so it could climb with them. Stellaluna and bats was the second lapbook and unit study we ever did, and it was last fall!



Rhyming Animals


Habitat File Folder Game (File Folder Fun)


Craft Day!


This week also began our new Bible Study program. We have been reading Bible story books for our devotional time, and I wanted something deeper and more focused. I was able to get the program, "Bible Study for all Ages" we used as kids from my Mom, and I am really excited about this! Parts of it are a little over their head, since they can't read, but we are enjoying it anyway.

They are both really learning a lot from it, more then I expected, and they enjoy drawing pictures in their own story books.

Bop's picture of Joseph's coat and the sun, moon and stars from his dream.


Our Bible Verse of the week


Bop's Math-U-See is going well, but I think I am pressing the practice more then she needs. So far I have had her finish all the optional review pages for each lesson, and she is getting bored and frustrated with them. I know you are only supposed to do as much as they need, but for some reason the obsessive part of me wants her to do it ALL. She has only done three pages of Lesson Three, but since she has it down pat, I am going to give her the test on Monday, and then move on to the first addition lesson!

CJ isn't doing much for math, except playing with the MUS blocks. He recognizes most of the numerals, so he could be doing MUS Alpha as well, but he needs some mental and emotional maturity before he starts. For know he is just 'playing' math. He's still learning, right?

Handsome boy!


We had a great time with our 'letter of the week' stuff from Confessions of a Homeschooler. We started with 'A' (Big surprise, right?) and there wasn't as much fun stuff to go along with it as some of the letters, but they really enjoyed it. I don't think Baby Girl is getting anything out of it, but she is enjoying it and it keeps her busy for a few minutes. :)

Matching colors


She loves the Pom-Pom magnets! (And that little Barbie is her "baby". She rocks and sings to her all day long. )


Putting "'a' for animal" stickers on an alphabet notebooking page from


Scientist in the making- studying a 'mineral' and drawing it. She is teaching her kids (the animals) about it. I had nothing to do with this! :)


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  1. What a great week. I'm sure they enjoyed all those wonderful activities!


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